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Let’s sling some dirt! Cosmo’s Mud Kicker off-road tire is the first and only mud-rated tire on the market. With a tough, rugged design and deep tread, this tire is the go-to for off-road adventures in mud, dirt, sand, and anywhere else you dare to go. The farther from asphalt, the happier this Dirty Kat is!


Construction and Design Features

  • * CHOOSE YOUR LOOK – Aesthetically, each tire has two distinct sidewalls, one side with raised black lettering for an aggressive look while the other has indented, UHP inspired, lettering that offers a sleek understated appearance enhanced by a textured pebble pattern on the shoulder area.
  • * SHOULDER – Multi-faceted shoulder claws range in angles from 10 to 90 degrees providing extra grip surface and quicker self-cleaning. Alternating open scalloped lugs enhance grip
  • * BEAD GRIP – Includes an industry first, patented, reinforced bead area that provides grip features for added traction surface in deep mud or snow. This tire not only looks the part, it is designed to perform!
  • * 3 PLY SIDEWALL – Most sizes have a 3 ply sidewall with up to 12 ply rated undertread construction
  • * LOW NOISE TREAD – Next generation low noise tread pattern includes angled tread blocks that dampen road noise
  • * TREAD BLOCK DIVOTS & STONE EJECTOR RIDGERS – Facilitating better mud and stone ejection while providing more grip and longer tire life
  • * MUD RATED ™ – First ever Mud Rated tire, incorporating tread and sidewall design functionality coupled with proprietary compounding

35x12.5R20 Cosmo Mud Kicker 12ply

SKU: cmk35125020
$399.99 Regular Price
$319.99Sale Price
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